The Origin And Evolution
Of Religion And Science

Dennis Goldwater

      This book introduces a new way to organize human understanding of nature. It reconsiders the commonly accepted yet quite arbitrary and unproven assumption about nature that space is infinite, and instead assumes that space is finite. Following the implications of this change in the most fundamental presupposition about space throughout the history of science has led to an extremely simple model of nature that is so highly organized that its single, unified pattern of change in nature appears to apply to everything in nature.
      Our species was originally much like the other animals. Our ancestors changed each generation, over tens of millennia, before achieving our modern degree of awareness of nature and of relationships that exist in nature.
       This change has not been completely random, but has followed a pattern. This pattern is known as evolution. Everything in nature evolves, and all evolution follows the same pattern.
      Evolution is a cyclic pattern. Modern humans have evolved to the awareness of the first 5 stages in the cycle of evolution.
      These stages are best understood as dimensions. According to modern science, nature is composed of 2 components, space and time. Science currently recognizes 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time. However, it can now be demonstrated that our species, with its 5 senses and its 5 fingers per hand, has evolved to the awareness of 5 dimensions of space and time. Furthermore, the existence of each of these dimensions of space and time is understood by the mind as a dimension not of space alone or of time alone, but of space-time: We live in a world of awareness of 5 dimensions of space-time.
      Basic geometry is all that is needed to understand this new model, which reconsiders the notion of what constitutes a dimension.
      During human evolution, our ancestors used language to develop models of nature. Speakers of Indo-European languages (a group that includes English and Greek) have developed 2 main types of models of nature, known as religion and science. Religion and science are not only very different, they are symmetrically opposite in every respect, such that they are seemingly completely incompatible. Now, however, they can be shown to be interrelated sides of the same coin. Religion and science have evolved following the same pattern as everything else in nature. The Greeks are used as example to discuss the evolution of religion and science.
      All of the primary stages in the evolution of religion and science are discussed. Discussion of religion covers the symbolism of each of the primary Greek gods, from the beginning through the Titans, the Olympians, and monotheism, explaining how and why each was superseded by the next in importance. Discussion of science begins with the ancient Greek model of the 4 elements, and describes subsequent evolution to Euclidean geometry, Newtonian physics, and relativity. This book concludes with an introduction to the next stage in the evolution of science, which represents an entire dimension of evolution beyond what is understood by science at present.

Research History

I have studied a large number of languages throughout my life. My primary interest has been in analyzing and comparing the structure of language grammars. I began working on the theory presented here in 1994. Over this 20 year period, I have written a number of books on this evolving theory. It has taken almost 20 years of thought and effort for this theory to evolve into its present form.

Language And The
Dimensions of Time & Space

The present research began in 1995 as an in-depth attempt to organize my understanding of the differences in the way that time is represented in the form of the verb among the various languages of the world that I had studied. In this book, the sounds and grammars of 26 language families of the world are investigated, and the languages of the world are traced back to a common origin in Africa.

      1st Edition:      March, 1997

Evolution Through The
Dimensions Of Time & Space

In 1997, my research took a major shift in focus as I attempted to probe deeply into the symbolism behind 5 Chinese characters, the characters that represent the first 5 numbers. What I discovered within these characters is a pattern, a cyclic pattern of 5 stages that we recognize as the cycle of evolution. My understanding of this pattern has evolved over the years.

      1st Edition:      October, 1998

          This 1st Edition is completely available online (see link below).

      2nd Edition:     February, 2003

      3rd Edition:      May, 2004

      4th Edition:      February, 2005

      5th Edition:      Still in Progress, Fall 2012

The 5th Edition adds a significant amount of new material, as well as presenting a greatly evolved understanding of previous material. Over the years, the book became extremely large and difficult to work with in a comprehensive manner. In the fall of 2012, I decided to focus on a more narrow range of topics of this book, in order to be able to deal with it more comprehensively. The first decision I had to make was which area to focus on first. I determined that there were 3 main choices. 1) I could focus on the evolution of the grammar of human language, 2) I could focus on the Dao, which is the Chinese model of nature that represents the Chinese understanding of the cycle of evolution (including such as Yin and Yang, the Ba-Gua, and the 5 Elements), or 3) I could focus on the evolution of the mental development of our species, including the evolution of religion and science. I chose to begin with the last of these.

The Origin And Evolution
Of Religion And Science

      1st Edition:      October, 2014