Evolution Through
The Dimensions Of Time & Space

      Our primary model of the dimensions of space is geometry, which is based on the four concepts of the point, the line, the plane, and three-dimensional space. Our most common model of the dimension of time represents time in the form of a line that flows in one direction only, a unidirectional ray. The words point, ray, line, plane, and space reflect the assumption in geometry that space is infinite.
      I can now provide extremely detailed evidence to demonstrate that we live in a cyclic universe, wherein time is infinite but space is finite. We call the cycle that is nature evolution. Everything in the universe evolves, and all evolution follows the same cycle. This includes the evolution of the universe as a whole, the evolution of our species, the evolution of the languages of our species, the evolution of the life of each person, and the evolution of everything else in nature.
       Our species was originally like the other animals. Our ancestors evolved in discrete stages to our current conscious awareness of nature and our environment. These stages are the stages in the cycle of evolution. Our species understands the stages in the cycle of evolution as dimensions. Our species, with its 5 senses and its 5 fingers per hand, has evolved to the awareness of 5 dimensions of time and space. Using terms that reflect the recognition that space is finite, these are the dimensions of the point, the ray segment, the line segment, the area, and the volume. The existence of each of the dimensions of time and space can be comprehended by the mind only in relation to a simultaneous awareness of the existence of a corresponding dimension of space or time. In other words, space and time are understood by the mind in terms of 5 dimensions, each of which is a dimension not of space alone or of time alone, but of space-time: We live in a world of awareness of 5 dimensions of space-time.
      Because everything in nature follows the same cycle that is evolution, if we could discover any one avenue by which to better understand the stages in the cycle of evolution, we would better understand all manifestations of the cycle. I have developed an extremely simple, yet extremely powerful model of space and time, wherein I explore in detail two such avenues of understanding, the evolution of finger signs and the evolution of the languages of our species.
      Finger signs are relationships among the fingers that mankind progressively recognized that enabled our species to become aware of and to symbolize the dimensions of space-time on the body. I explore in detail the evolution of finger signs that symbolize the awareness of each of the dimensions of space-time.
      I have developed a detailed analysis of 5 languages of the world (Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, English, and Swahili), which demonstrates that each of these model languages mirrors one of the 5 dimensions of space-time. I demonstrate that the grammar of each language models the related dimension in terms of how consonants and vowels are combined to form syllables, how syllables are combined to form words, how words are combined to form phrases, how phrases are combined to form clauses, and how clauses are combined to form sentences.
      Scientists look outward, to the ends of the universe, in order to better understand the organization of the universe. It can now be recognized that it is immensely valuable to look inward, and to analyze the organization of the language grammar that we use to filter 100% of all higher order understanding that we have of the organization of the universe.
      All people are aware of each of the 5 dimensions of space-time, although people do not currently recognize each as constituting a distinct dimension. Once we understand that we live in a world of 5 dimensions of space-time, an extremely simple, extremely highly organized model of nature presents itself.
      The grammar of the Chinese language guides its speakers to develop a single, unified model of nature, known as the Dao. The Dao is the Chinese model of the 5 stage cycle of evolution. Each of the stages of the Dao is explored in great detail, and is compared with the corresponding stage for the speakers of English. This includes the Chinese symbolism on the fingers of their awareness of space on the earth and time in the heavens (day, month, year) as their ancestors successively evolved to the awareness of each of the 5 dimensions in the cycle of evolution. The symbolism behind the concepts of the Dao, Yin and Yang, the Ba Gua, and the 5 Elements is discussed in great detail.
      Unlike the unity of the Dao, the grammar of the English language guides its speakers to develop two different models of nature, religion and science. Religion and science are not only very different, they are symmetrically opposite in every respect, such that they are seemingly completely incompatible. When religion and science are seen within the greater context of the entire species, it becomes possible to understand how and why the unified model of the Dao evolved into the subdivided models of religion and science. Religion and science can now be recognized to be only as different as interrelated sides of the same coin, each of which exists only within the context of the other. Religion and science have evolved following the same cycle of evolution as everything else in nature.
      I trace all of the primary stages in the evolution of both religion and science over the recent few thousand years. For religion, I discuss in depth the significance and symbolism of the ancient Greek religion of the Titans, how and why the Titans evolved into the religion of the Olympians, and how and why subsequent evolution lead to the rise of the monotheistic religions. For science, I begin with the ancient Greek model of the 4 elements, and describe subsequent evolution to Euclidean geometry, Newtonian physics, and the theory of relativity. I then continue with an introduction to the next stage in the evolution of science, which represents an entire dimension of evolution beyond what is understood by science at present.
      This theory unifies the forces of physics. Instead of the 4 forces that physics recognizes today, I can now demonstrate that there is only 1 force in the entire universe, the force of light. Light is the force that enables space and time to interact to form space-time, and is the force of gravity. With this new understanding of the nature of light, the age of the universe takes on a new context, wherein many of the current mysteries of the universe fit well within this extremely simple model. For example, the missing mass required to make the universe cyclic is no longer missing, the mysterious increasing rate of expansion at the edges of the universe is explained, and the context of the Big Bang takes on a new significance.
      As well, what happened before the Big Bang, and what will happen after the Big Crunch, become highly approachable topics. Although this may sound like highly theoretical postulation, with no possible direct evidence, quite the contrary is true. The tremendous simplicity and the incredible degree of organization of the evidence is quite compelling and encompassing.
      This theory is explained in 100,000 words. A slide presentation was prepared to accompany the text. Some 500 slides introduce the various concepts presented in the text. Some of the slides simply summarize the text, whereas others provide hundreds of photographs and diagrams that greatly aid in understanding and visualizing the theory.
      This is not just some highly abstract theory that cannot be understood by the average person and that has no real value to the average person in daily life anyway. This theory is applicable to every field of science, and to understanding the similarities and differences between science and religion and among all cultures and languages of our species. No math other than a basic understanding of geometry is required until the end of the book. You can prove this theory to yourself by looking at relationships among the fingers of your own hands and by using your own understanding of the language that you have been speaking your entire life.